About Us

About Hampden Sports

Who are we?

Something old and something new... Hampden Sports is the newly-launched sister brand to the storied Hampden Corporation — a 4th generation family-run business with over a century of history and expertise.  

The last hundred years has seen Hampden rise to become one of the largest independent watch and jewelry manufacturer in North America, with clientele encompassing both major retailers and small, independent jewelers. This legacy of superior quality and American-made craftsmanship is the foundation of Hampden's simple elegance.


Why Sports?

Our daughter is a AAA hockey player and we started crafting customized jewelry for her, her teammates, and their biggest fans — the parents. They were instantly a hit, and her school team asked us to design pieces for the graduating seniors. Word spread, and a second Chicago AAA team asked us to do the same. Soon we were fielding so many requests from teams and parents that we launched an entirely sports-focused line. 

With generations of expertise in the personalized jewelry industry, we develop highly customized products for teams and clubs and we would love to do so for you. Each piece features your team logo, your player’s name, and their jersey number.


What we can do for you

We will design styles specifically for your team and let your athletes and parents customize the pieces with name and jersey number. We specialize in crafting jewelry that is unique to your team.  We will work with you on the design and customize the pieces.  

And of course, each piece can have the players name and number on the back.  All of our pieces are customized and personalized – for each team, each player, each coach, each parent.  


How can I use this as a fundraiser for our club?

With each purchase we offer a 15% commission back to the team/club/school whose logo piece we are making. Contact us here to get started!


What do I have to do?

We do (almost) everything for you.  Simply reach out to us via email or phone call and we will take care of the rest.   You can send us your logo and any photos you would like on your own dedicated landing page on our website. If you have your logo and design ideas ready, complete our form here

Ordering is easy… everything is done on our website and the piece will be manufactured and shipped directly to the individual who places the order.


We can make pendants for

  • graduating seniors
  • National championships
  • State and Regional Champions
  • end-of-year memories
  • new players to the team
  • coaches and manager gifts
  • moms (“goalie mom” for example)


In addition to pendants for girls and women, we make unisex “dog tag” styles.  We also offer genuine English pewter flasks which are a popular gift for coaches and dads.


Who should I contact?

Michele Sackheim Wein




Upload your logo and begin fundraising with us today!